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Helping students make truly unlimited connections with ease and freedom.

Revolutionize the way students learn and interact with each other.

Transform the fixed and planned economy of TA-to-student teaching to a free and lively market of student-to-student teaching and learning!


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Finds studymates by your

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Build Resume

In the Q&A system, you can earn badges through answering your classmates' questions.

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Earn Cash

The more questions you answer, the more money you can own in real life!

"A real incentive for me to help others with my knowledge." -- Jessy Pinkman


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  How does the app generate groups ?
The app would automatically create different group chats based on users’ input in a form.
  1. For example, if a user tells the app that as a freshman at BU, he is intending to major in Computer Science and taking CS111 and CS112.
  2. Then the app would automatically create or put him in the following different group chats with these topics:
    1. Boston University
    2. Freshman
    3. Computer Science
    4. CS 111
    5. Section A
    6. (Potentially others)
  How does the Q&A system work?
In our Q&A system, students can ask and answer questions. Optionally, students can attach points to their questions as a bounties to attract others to answer/help out. Note:
  1. You don't have to use points to post questions.
  2. An unlimited number of students can back a question.
Each questioner can decide which answer to give the points to. The answer being chosen as the "Best Answer" by most questioners before the question closes will become the official "Best Answer."
  What do you mean by building resume?
The app keeps track of the number of questions you've answered. After surpassing some milestones (like answering 30 questions or becoming the "Best Answer" for 5 times), you would gain certain badges proving your academic excellency and community outreach.
  What can I do with those points? / What do you mean by cash?
  1. You can use the points you've gained from answering questions to ask your own questions in the future.
  2. To attract high quality answers. After meeting certain conditions, you can cash out the points. Yes, we are talking about real money here.
  What are some ways I can get points?
  1. By registration, you get some points to start with. (New users' points won't be converted to cash)
  2. By answering others' questions.
  3. By purchasing points in the app.
  4. By referring others to join the community.
  How do you ensure no one uses the platform to cheat?
Any user can report a message/question as inappropriate, and we will take it seriously. (For instance, the app may ban the edu email)
  Are you cooperating with colleges? / Do colleges have control/access to the system
At the current moment, we are not giving institutions special access to the system because we want the app to be burden-free and independent.

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